About Kathryn Costello
Kathryn is a classically trained, seasoned photographer specializing in headshots, magazine-style portraiture and dance photography. Trained by world-renowned photographers Peter Hurley, Lois Greenfield and Sue Bryce. She works out of a studio in Clinton Massachusetts accessible to the Worcester, Boston and Metrowest areas. She has won awards in landscape, portrait and dance photography. Read More


“While beautiful lighting and composition are the foundation of all photographs, it is expression and emotion that give them life. With the technical aspects second nature, I am free to engage with people on a deeply personal level, put them at ease in front of the camera, and draw out natural expressions. This defines my work.”
“The smile is the expression of nuance. There are more subtle emotional shadings possible with a smile than with any other expression.”
– Gary Faigin

“Kathryn has the innate ability to capture the core personality attributes of her subjects, which is rare among photographers I have worked with in the past. She has a tremendous amount of patience, and an artistic savvy that stands out among professionals in her field.” Read More

Studio Sessions
Most of my work is done in the studio under my custom-built lights. I have shot with just about every kind of light you find in today’s studios and have built a studio to achieve the look of soft daylight—which is flattering to the skin and brightens the eyes. Read More

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