Beyond the Lens

I’ve resisted writing a blog for a long time because frankly who cares—”here’s how I lighted it, here’s how I shot it, blah blah, blah”. (Okay I confess that sometimes this geek girl finds those details interesting but I didn’t think many others would.) What really excites me about my work is getting to know people and connecting with them in a deeply personal way and the photographs that result from that connection.

In order to capture authentic expression, I need to know ‘who is this person’. I need to find the face behind the face and I need to do it quickly. And in so doing, I have been inspired by the people I have photographed.  This is what I’ve decided to share with you.

These are their stories, not in biographical form, rather something interesting I learned from them or about them. Most people who appear before my lens are not famous, in fact many would describe themselves as ordinary. But if I’ve learned anything over the years I’ve been photographing people, it is that there is no such thing.